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CFD Analysis Services

Why are we the best company to use for your CFD analysis needs?

1. Our Experience and History

First we we’ve been doing CFD Analysis since 1994. We have two perpetual Fluent licenses for solvers. This is important because CFD is not an exact science and we are making a mathematical model to provide accurate answers for a complex and often dynamic process. Thus proven experience in which modeling methods are more accurate for certain situations is very important.

2. All CFD Analysis and Modeling Done In-House

Second we do all of the CFD modeling and analysis ourselves. This has some advantages in that we are directly responsible for your modeling and you can call at any time to find out how things are going.  Also it means that we have a very high level of confidentiality for your models.  Basically we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement for your designs guaranteeing a high level of security.

3. Competitive Costs

Third, our two perpetual Fluent licenses means that we have a very competitive cost for providing CFD analysis and models. Also it means that, with a high probability, we will always have access to Fluent solvers. We do a lot of runs not only for our clients but also to test or validate models whenever we have access to experimental or empirical data. This helps insure that not only do we generate models which are colorful but models which are as accurate as the state of the art, time, and economic constraints permit.

Inquire About Our CFD Analysis Services

We will be happy to provide more information about our CFD capabilities by phone or by visiting your office to discuss cases and your specific needs. Thank you!